Real Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung-Fu is a straight-forward, efficient fighting system known for its lightning-fast hands, devastating low kicks and ruthless counter-attacks. It is a fighting system, rather than a style, meaning it gives you the combat principles, techniques to express these, and some ideas on how to make the art your own - after a lot of hard work mastering these things, the rest is up to you.

Real Wing Chun of Seattle is a non-commercial school. Classes are small, and there are no testing fees, no t-shirts for sale, and no fees other than our modest monthly dues. We work on Wing Chun fundamentals, and emphasize the practical application of the system.

Real Wing Chun is a no-frills place. We have no heat. We have no air-conditioning. It's cold in the winter and hot in the summer. We train Wing Chun the old-school way: no nonsense, traditionally oriented combat kung-fu. Training is led by Sifu Chas Fisher, assisted by Sifu David Malone and other seniors.

We do not accept drop-by visitors. Real Wing Chun is a private invitation-only club. Our school is currently full and we are not accepting new students. We are accepting a limited number of applicants for our wait list. If interested, please contact Sifu Fisher.

Remembering Sifu Bart Mann
Sifu Bart Mann was the head of our immediate pai and parent school, the Colorado School of Wing Chun.

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